The Industry Has Drastically Changed
Have Your Strategies Changed Too?

BANG empowers medical device companies with a low cost approach to communicate and interact in real-time during surgery with any O.R. using their product. Surgeons do not have to leave their practice for training and education. Medical Device Engineers can drive innovation by allowing anyone on their design team to remotely "scrub in" and see products in use and get live O.R. product feedback from surgeons. Marketing Teams can offer one to one or one to many live surgery product launches without the costs of a live film crew. Sales Teams can offer enhanced product support by allowing their top sale reps to support junior reps during surgery. BANG is the new model for any medical device company doing business with hospital ORs.

Medical device companies can be a hospital's vendor of choice by offering a never-before-seen level of business to business connectivity to drive product innovation, deliver state-of-the-art training/education, and provide product support.