Bang Surgical Builds Out US Wide Network For Medical Device Manufacturers To Provide OR Product Support
Monday Jan 6 2014
Bang Surgical Completes US Wide Hospital Network To Remotely Access ORs For Product Support and Training During Surgery
San Clemente – April 4, 2014: Bang Surgical Provides To All Medical Device Manufacturers Tele Remote Access To US Hospital ORs For Product Support and Training During Surgery

Bang Surgical has been building a US and Global hospital network to stream live OR surgeries for medical device companies to either provide live OR product support or for surgical training. Ted Schwartz, CEO, states in a recent interview, “Hospital networks are locked down, rightfully so, in order to protect patient confidentiality. As a result, there needs to be an effective strategy to allow live OR streaming without compromising hospital IT network security. Bang has successfully partnered and built an IT network at some of the largest US hospital systems such as HCA and Tenet. With this network in place, a medical device company can seamlessly plug into our network, stream live interactive surgeries, and provide remote OR product support and training. This is a huge cost savings to the medical device companies by eliminating travel costs”

“Bang Surgical’s long term business plan is to overhaul an old ineffective model of having a representative from a medical device company stand in an OR for hours each day yet only help out for a few minutes during each surgery. Bang is establishing the new gold standard of how a medical device company interacts with hospital ORs on a day to day basis. To have a rep stand in an OR all day and only provide value for maybe 5 to 10 minutes during each case is completely inefficient. Yet, the hospital is paying a 5 to 40% markup in cost. The inefficiency of this model should have been changed 10 years ago. If you are a medical device manufacturer and you are not addressing every single option to improve margins and efficiencies then you will lose business at US hospitals. Medical device companies need to collaborate with hospitals and provide low costs and premier services. And with the Affordable Care Act, we now have legislation that is going to help drive disruption and change for the better. We will start to see medical device companies provide better OR product support at lower costs. And by better, I mean, there are reps out there that have seen thousands of surgeries, sometimes more then the surgeons. With Bang we can get top reps access to more ORs each day. Medical device companies have to do more then just lower their costs in order to maintain a business relationship with hospitals. They have to provide a niche product or some other specialty to differentiate them as a vendor of choice. Low cost is not enough. Bang has a technology and now a global network to allow medical device vendors to modernize the way they interact with an OR each day”

Bang Surgical is providing solutions to help hospitals and medical device manufacturers in order to deliver the highest standard of patient care at a low cost.

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