Bang Surgical Builds an OR Grade Mobile Video Conferencing Prototype for Clinical Use in the OR
Friday Dec 3 2010
San Clemente – December 3, 2010: Bang Surgical is working with healthcare systems to understand areas in the operating room that can benefit hospitals by improving efficiencies in order to reduce hospital operating costs.
Ted Schwartz, Bang Surgical’s CEO, states, “We have successfully designed a mobile tele-health technology to allow medical device manufacturers to remotely log in and support their products during surgery at a hospital. We are going to be performing a feasibility type pilot program in Orthopedics for about 200 to 500 surgeries depending on OR volume and the time frame. We will be doing total knees, hips, spine, trauma and complex knee revisions. All of this will be controlled with no risk to the patient. We anticipate beginning our clinical evaluation in Feburary 2011 and ending Q3 2011”.

There is a strong push to deliver the finest patient care at a realistic and maintainable expense. Hospitals have to function similar to a regular business, when patient care is not compromised, otherwise, just like a regular business, they can go out of business. Bang Surgical is providing solutions to help hospitals and medical device manufacturers in order to deliver the highest standard of patient care at a low cost.

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