Bang Surgical Completes Clinical Feasibility Pilot Study For Remote Rep Support In The Operating Room
Friday May 6 2011
San Clemente – May 6, 2011: Bang Surgical performed over 200 Orthopedic procedures including total hip, total knee, knee revision, and trauma. Three medical device manufactures representatives were removed from the operating room and provided product support remotely during the procedures.
Ted Schwartz, CEO of Bang Surgical comments, “The pilot study was overwhelmingly successful. We were able to remove representatives from the operating room and provide product support without any issues. We gathered data highlighting a significant inefficiency to have a representative physically present during each Orthopedic case. For instance on average during a 66 minute procedure, the representative speaks for only three minutes of the 66 minutes. And I mean all talking, chit chatting as well as product related. If these were my employees I would immediately address this high cost low return product support sales model. Medical device companies will not be able to offer hospitals the pricing that we are going to see needed in the next few years under the Affordable Care Act. The cost of having a representative physically present will only allow certain price concessions but not enough”.

There is a strong push to deliver the finest patient care at a realistic and maintainable expense. Hospitals have to function similar to a regular business, when patient care is not compromised, otherwise, just like a regular business, they can go out of business. Bang Surgical is providing solutions to help hospitals and medical device manufacturers in order to deliver the highest standard of patient care at a low cost.

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