Bang Surgical Helps Medical Device Companies Recruit Top Sale Reps
Friday Oct 24 2014
San Clemente – October 24, 2014: Bang Surgical Helps Medical Device Companies Recruit Top Sale Reps

Medical device companies are restructuring their organizations to meet the cost saving needs of hospitals. Providers (Doctors and Hospitals) and Payors (medical insurance companies) are undergoing a significant paradigm shift as a result of the ACA legislation. Moving forward, costs and clinical outcomes will dictate purchasing decisions unlike years past where decision were based on the device rep/surgeon relationship. But presently, this relationship is still strong. Getting a surgeon to switch products from one company to another is a challenge. But winning over a rep makes the prospect of a surgeon switching products much more likely.

Ted Schwartz, CEO, states about the rep/surgeon relationship: “At the C suite level it is very clear the role of the rep in the vendor to hospital sales model is changing. So yes there will be less reps out in the industry but those reps will be making more money then ever before, using Bang. And on the medical device company side, Bang allows companies the ability to attract reps to switch with the new role of less sale reps in more hospitals. Bangs growth potential is significant”.

“VPs of sales at the medical device companies are still very interested in recruiting reps from their competitors. The revenue associated with just one or two surgeons is significant and a step in the door of a new hospital and two steps out of the door for competitors. But reps are as skeptical as anyone right now with all the change occurring in the industry. The spectrum of concern for Reps is huge. On one end there is concern about lower prices and the effect on their commissions and on the other end there is concern about whether their job will be around much longer. But what Bang is bringing to the sales rep table is Bang is the future of any rep doing business during surgery in any Operating Room or Cath lab. With Bang, a rep can access any OR in the US. Bang makes it totally feasible for a senior rep to support junior reps in any US region, not just where you can drive. So any drop in commission from price concessions can be offset by an increase in access to the number for hospitals”.

Bang Surgical is providing solutions to help hospitals and medical device manufacturers in order to deliver the highest standard of patient care at a low cost.

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