Bang Surgical Is The Solution To Keeping Orthopedic and Cardiology Medical Device Representatives In The OR Under The Affordable Care Act (ACA)
Tuesday Oct 1 2013
San Clemente – October 1, 2013: Bang Surgicals mobile OR grade tele-health broadcasting system allows medical device manufacturers to support their products during a surgery without having to physically be present.

Bangs low cost approach to product support in the OR is the future under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Ted Schwartz, CEO, comments “There is a sub section in the ACA called the value physician modifier. This section is geared to incentivize surgeons to participate in lower hospital costs. Surgeons have been over the last few years getting closer and closer to hospitals, selling their individual practices, even sitting on value analysis committees for the hospital. Take physician owned hospitals, they do not allow reps in the OR because of the costs. Bang is providing hospitals and medical device manufacturers with an ACA solution to allow rep support to continue. The role of the medical device rep is critical in many cases, but the cost will either force hospitals to hire full time employees to provide the service of the rep or use Bang”.

There is a strong push to deliver the finest patient care at a realistic and maintainable expense. Hospitals have to function similar to a regular business, when patient care is not compromised, otherwise, just like a regular business, they can go out of business. Bang Surgical is providing solutions to help hospitals and medical device manufacturers in order to deliver the highest standard of patient care at a low cost.

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