Bang Surgical Is Used On National TV For A Live Hysterectomy
Wednesday Dec 24 2014
San Clemente – December 24, 2014: Bang Surgical Is Used On National TV For A Live Hysterectomy

World-renowned Gynecologist, Dr Volker, performed a Hysterectomy in Las Vegas Nevada and streamed the surgery live to a studio audience and 1.4 million viewers in Los Angeles California. Dr Volker is known for being a leader in minimally invasive gynecological procedures. ABC’s TV show The Doctors is renowned for being daytime TVs number one health related talk show. The producers of the Doctors and Dr Volker partnered up for the worlds first daytime TV live surgery event. The surgery was a total success. Dr Volker not only streamed his surgery live but he also talked with The Doctors panel of medical experts during the surgery.

Bang Surgical’s CEO, Ted Schwartz, comments, “This event was a unique opportunity for all of us. ABC’s TV Show, the Doctors, was able to be the first daytime TV show to stream a live surgery and to educate their viewers about hysterectomies. Dr Volker was able to demonstrate to 1.4 million people his undisputed expertise in minimally invasive gynecology and to also educate 1.4 million viewers of the benefits having a hysterectomy. And for Bang, we were able to demonstrate the ease and power of our technology. Bang was wheeled into an OR and minutes later we were streaming a live surgery to 1.4 million viewers”.

Bang Surgical specializes in providing teleconferencing technology to hospitals and medical device manufacturers in order to deliver the highest standard of patient care at a low cost.

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