Bang Surgical To Begin Clinical Feasibility Pilot Study For Remote Rep Support In The Operating Room
Tuesday Jan 4 2011
San Clemente – January 4, 2011: Bang Surgical is working with a 14 hospital healthcare system to assess feasibility of device manufacturer representatives supporting products during surgery using Bangs tele-health technology in lieu of being physically in the OR.
The goal is to integrate tele-health technologies into the operating rooms in order to improve patient care and drive down the cost to deliver care. Ted Schwartz, Bang Surgicals CEO comments on the commencement of the pilot study, “We are going to begin with Orthopedics and Cardiology. These are two areas where there is typically a manufacturers representative present. Our objective is to assess feasibility and to capture other efficiency type data such as how much time the manufacturer representative is contributing to a one hour or three hour procedure”.

Today’s healthcare landscape is entering a new frontier, as outlined in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) also known as Obama-care. Ted Schwartz, CEO of Bang Surgical states, “The ACA to a degree is legislating that healthcare participants such as doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, and medical device manufacturers deliver healthcare with a much stronger regard to costs, efficiencies and patient outcome. Patient outcomes are not an area that struggles in the US but the costs are exorbitant especially when you look at other healthcare models across the world that provide similar patient outcomes”.

There is a strong push to deliver the finest patient care at a realistic and maintainable expense. Hospitals have to function similar to a regular business, when patient care is not compromised, otherwise, just like a regular business, they can go out of business. Bang Surgical is providing solutions to help hospitals and medical device manufacturers in order to deliver the highest standard of patient care at a low cost.

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