Bang Surgical in the Orthopedic Industry - The Timing is Now
Monday Sep 20 2010
San Clemente – September 20, 2010: Bang Surgical is working with healthcare systems to understand areas in the operating room that can benefit hospitals by improving efficiencies in order to reduce hospital operating costs.
Ted Schwartz, Bang Surgical’s CEO, states, “We have had our finger on the pulse for months now. The future of medical device companies and hospitals will be based on a device company’s ability to provide a cost saving solution to a hospital. The days of a device company representative their relationship to leverage new products into a hospital with little regard to cost are ending. Doctors are getting closer to hospitals and both will collaborate in the future to provide cost saving solutions that do not compromise patient care”.

“We are seeing analyst projecting that the Orthopedic sales model is costing in excessive of $3 billion a year in the US. This is not chump change. This can make or break hospital across the US. Medical device vendors equally are interested in improving their distribution models but at the same time do not want to disrupt their loyalty to stock holders and profits”.

“We see the timing lining up of Bang to provide a tool for medical device vendors and hospitals to provide excellent product support in the OR, without any compromise in patient care. Tele health technologies to reduce the cost associated with a representative being physically in the OR at first will seem disruptive because the industry has functioned a certain way uninterrupted for 20 plus years. So we expect to collect data through small pilot programs to uncover the feasibility of OR telehealth product support. And ultimately propagate Bangs technology through medical device companies on a large US scale in 2014. The timing is the nature of the medical industry, slow and conservative”.

There is a strong push to deliver the finest patient care at a realistic and maintainable expense. Hospitals have to function similar to a regular business, when patient care is not compromised, otherwise, just like a regular business, they can go out of business. Bang Surgical is providing solutions to help hospitals and medical device manufacturers in order to deliver the highest standard of patient care at a low cost.

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