Hospitals Use Bang To Deliver Direct to Surgeon Training
Thursday Mar 16 2017
San Clemente, CA March 16, 2017: Memorial Hermann Hospitals are using Bang to offer direct to surgeon training during live surgery
Thursday March 16 2017


San Clemente March 16, 2017: BANG providers hospitals the opportunity to provide direct to surgeon training programs.

Hospitals can attract more surgeons by offering services that improve patient outcomes. Surgeons can train with any other surgeon in the world. Surgeons can training on specific techniques that are important to them.

Bang's CEO, Ted Schwartz, comments, "Surgeons will no longer have to travel and sit for hours during a medical conference just to glean a few tidbits of valuable data. Surgeons can now train specific to their needs with their chosen peers. This is a game changer for improving patient outcomes and reducing hospital costs".

Bang specializes in providing teleconferencing technology to hospitals, medical device manufacturers, and private practicing physicians in order to deliver the highest standard of patient care at a low cost.