US Surgeons Are Being Ranked From Best to Worst
Tuesday Mar 1 2016
San Clemente – March 1, 2016: US Surgeons are being ranked from the best to the worst
Patients will have access to this database Click Here to help patients chose their surgeons. But more importantly, hospitals and insurance companies will also have access to the national surgeon ranking. Hospitals and insurance will undoubtedly want to hire and partner with the higher ranking surgeons. For surgeons it is becoming more and more urgent to improve their surgical techniques in order to improve patient outcomes at lower costs.

Bang Surgical’s CEO, Ted Schwartz, comments, “This change in the way accountability is being introduced into the healthcare space, in particular, surgery is a tremendous development. We are going to see patient outcomes improve across all surgical specialties. Costs will drop and standardize across all hospitals in the US. These are developments that greatly benefit patients and Bang is a driving force to allow surgeons to train and thrive in this new healthcare space. Tele-mentoring is the most efficient way for surgeons to share, collaborate and learn from their peers. Live surgeries is how surgeons have always learned their craft. Not in cadaver labs, not in training labs at medical device companies. Surgeons learn hands on in the operating rooms. To offer a surgeon the ability to watch any surgeon perform any procedure on any given day is probably the largest development in the history of surgical training".

Bang Surgical specializes in providing teleconferencing technology to hospitals and medical device manufacturers in order to deliver the highest standard of patient care at a low cost.